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    Huawei Mate 20 X [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Per chi interessato e` disponibile Root, TWRP e ROM per AL00 Welcome to the Mate 20 X GlobAL00ized project. This ROM's goal is to transform your Chinese AL00 into a global device. We accomplish this by adding in google apps and functionality while also removing many Chinese apps. What does this do? Well, it enables google location services, google pay, and many other global huawei device features. This was a joint venture between myself and @cflynt with @antiochasylum providing L29 firmware. @cflynt worked tirelessly on getting Google app compatibility and integration so show him some love too. Also, with help and suggestions from our telegram group, It's about as close to a rebrand as you'll get without an actual "rebrand."Join our Telegram group:Everest Dev
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